Glamour To Kill


is a band initially created and formed by LUIS MIGUÉLEZ and ANTONIO CULEBRAS, JUAN TORMENTO collaborated with them and finally joint the band.

They started in Berlin in 2002 playing in all kind of parties and clubs, their concerts, music, performance art, fashion and atittude brought them quickly to become one of the most exciting upcomming band from Berlin, Electronic glam-rock is the sound.
Anxious-electronic, noisy keyboards, obsessiv guitars & sexy vocals make up their sound.
Glamour & decadence, electric & electronic, glam & punk, in the universe of Glamour to Kill everything is possible; a clash of art, performance and music, perfectly tuned on stage.
If you have the luck to see them live at all, you will experience an explosive collection of feelings, dressed by the warm beats of rock´n roll.